Our attorneys take the initiative to gain a deep understanding of the complex technical concepts and go-to-market initiatives of our clients to build a patent portfolio that effectively competes in a global setting.

At G&G we take a holistic view in the way we provide services to our clients. Our philosophy comes from a culmination of our founding members’ many years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, general litigation, and patent prosecution.

G&G’s culture drives us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and technologies to provide advice that is both practical and forward looking. We understand that each client’s circumstances can differ and therefore we never assume that a single portfolio strategy works the same for all clients.

We seek to earn our clients’ trust through consistently achieving results and by maintaining the same high quality output, day after day and year after year.

Since the firm’s inception, we have focused on providing exceptional service to our clients based on a continual commitment to process improvement. The result has been loyal, long-term client relationships and a growing business.

G&G client perspectives

Our Vision

We will always strive for an enduring culture that aspires to gain a deep appreciation for our client’s business, always seeking to improve our practice, and never falling prey to complacency.

Our Mission

We will always seek ways to improve the net worth of our clients and their ability to exercise their portfolio to the fullest extent possible.

Our technical expertise translates into a track record of producing excellent results for our clients, which earned G&G recognition in Juristat’s list of top 100 patent firms in 2017.

G&G was also listed in Juristat’s top 20 list in 2017 as a leader in key technology areas such as computer architecture & software, networking, multiplexing, security, communications, and semiconductors.