About Us

The culture of our firm is unique: we take a holistic view in the way we provide services to our clients. Our philosophy comes from a culmination of our founding partners’ many years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, general litigation, and patent prosecution. The managing partner of the firm has also managed a large P&L at a Fortune 500 company and the added insight benefits our staff and our clients.

We train our patent attorneys to understand our client’s business, first and foremost, to make sure they have the superior business acumen needed to meet our clients’ needs and goals.

We understand that each client’s circumstances are different and therefore never assume that a single portfolio strategy works for all. To determine the best strategy for each client, we immerse ourselves in understanding the company’s business objectives, technology and go-to-market strategies.

For emerging clients such as startup companies, we work closely with senior management to determine a portfolio strategy that in the short-term helps to draw new investors during investment rounds, while maintaining a long-term view of portfolio development to maximize a company’s valuation at the time of an acquisition, merger, or initial public offering.

For established clients such as Fortune 500 companies, we work closely with in-house counsel to follow the company’s business, technical and legal objectives. In view of the volume demands of large clients, we have established strict internal controls and processes that enable us to consistently deliver superior work in a timely manner. We also utilize these controls and processes to benefit our smaller clients.

We believe portfolio management strategies are never stagnant. We periodically revisit our strategies with clients to make sure that we anticipate changes before they happen.

It is this culture that has led small and large clients alike to trust our firm to oversee the development of their portfolio.